Peri bottle

This rinsing bottle makes cleaning the perineum area after childbirth easier and less painful

The Wondermom Perineum bottle contributes to hygiene during pregnancy, during the maternity period or just after a visit to the toilet!

The rinsing bottle has been specially developed to rinse the perineum (area between the vagina and anus) without pain with 13 softe water jets.

This bottle is extra large (450 ml) and transparent.

postpartum product, recovery after childbirth, fourth trimester preparation


- During pregnancy to rinse the vagina and perineum area (externally).

- Postpartum: during urination after childbirth to dilute the urine and thus prevent a burning sensation

- Cleaning of sutures after childbirth or surgery

- To keep hemorrhoids clean

- After using the toilet for a fresh feeling


Fill the bottle with lukewarm water. Screw the cap on tightly and extend the mouthpiece. While sitting on the toilet, place the bottle between the legs and point the nozzle towards the perineum area. Gently squeeze the bottle and repeat if necessary.

After use, remove the cap, clean the parts and allow them to air dry thoroughly before using them again. 

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