If we have to choose between a gift for the baby or a box of breast pads, most friends and family will go for the cute baby wrap. Preggo's often buy the products themselves to promote recovery after giving birth. We at WonderMom love that moms are making their postpartum recovery a priority. But we like it even more to see that momcare products are increasingly part of baby shower and maternity gifts. To stimulate this, we have developed a WonderMom gift box with all essential products that a mother (to be) needs for a comfortable and pleasant postpartum period.

The box contains:

  • 1 Breast and Perineum Compress Set
  • 1 peri shower
  • 1 Postpartum Belly Binder Shorts (Black or Beige)

Everything the mom-to-be needs for a smooth postpartum recovery at your fingertips. She doesn't want to go looking for wet frozen sanitary napkins to cool the burning hemorrhoids. Or mess with a water bottle on the toilet to flush the area down under during a toilet use. You will be her lifesaver and her vagina will thank you.

IN SHORT THE BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT FOR EVERY MOM TO BE. In preparation for the baby shower, we often focus on the baby. The mother is too often forgotten in this. Almost every maternity woman suffers from swollen, painful breasts (engorgement). How nice would it be if she could comfortably use cold breast compresses instead of frozen green peas in a bag or cabbage leaves?

Recovery after childbirth is often not a pink cloud, but an intensive and tough period. In addition to the short nights, the body performs enormously. Although some ailments come with it and it is a matter of time to recover. Can we provide the mothers with the tools they need to enter their recovery period with confidence and comfort?

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