With which products can I best prepare for a maternity week?

Buy comfortable clothes

Make sure you already have comfortable clothes at home before giving birth. During your maternity leave you will be at home for a long time and you naturally want to get through this time as comfortably as possible. You can do this by wearing looser clothing, or a tracksuit with comfortable sweatpants. After pregnancy there are also a number of things that you can suffer from, such as afterpains and painful breasts.

maternity bandage

You will lose a lot of blood in the first days after giving birth. Maternity bandages are included in your maternity package. But what exactly is this? This is an extra large sanitary napkin, because ordinary sanitary napkins are usually not large enough to absorb the amount of blood. Maternity bandage also absorbs more moisture and is therefore a lot thicker.

Belly Binder shorts

After giving birth, it can be nice to use some extra support for your abdomen, back and hips. The Wondermom Belly Binder Shorts help with the mother's postpartum recovery. Binding the abdomen helps to get the organs and muscles back to their original place. These bottoms are a modern version of the old-fashioned closing sheet; easy to wear yourself, with integrated pants for support of the hips, and your maternity bandage will also stay in place! The bottom and waistband are elastic, the waistband is also adjustable so that it adapts to the body during the recovery period. Check out our belly binder shorts in beige here, also available in black: https://wondermom.nl/products/wondermom-postpartum-belly-binder-shorts

Breast pads for mothers

You can already purchase breast pads during pregnancy. After giving birth you can suffer from painful breasts, as described above. You can use these compresses cold or warm. Use the breast compresses cold when you experience pain and swelling due to engorgement, when you have sensitive breasts due to pumping or breastfeeding, during menstruation or after breast surgery. You can use them warm when there is breast inflammation, clogged milk ducts, to stimulate the milk flow or during pumping. The WonderMom breast pads fit on any breast pump. Take a look at our webshop: https://wondermom.nl/products/3-in-1-borst-parelkompressen

Breastfeeding package

When you become a mother, there are a number of things you have to take into account. Do you want to breastfeed your baby or not at all? During your maternity week you can of course also ask your maternity nurse or midwife for help and advice. You can also receive maternity care for the first 10 days after giving birth, but this differs per person. With one this is a bit shorter and with the other a bit longer. If you want to breastfeed, you will still have to purchase a number of things. Think of a nursing bra, a breast pump, nursing pillow, possibly a nursing top and nursing pads. Nursing pads, for example, are soft pads that women can wear in their nursing bra. For example, milk can already leak during pregnancy, but also after giving birth or when you are breastfeeding. The pads then absorb this, so that you will not get stains in your clothes.

Perineal shower

After giving birth, cleaning the perineum area can be a bit more difficult. Wondermom's rinsing bottle makes cleaning the perineum area easier and less painful. The Wondermom Perineum shower contributes to hygiene during pregnancy, during the postpartum period or simply after a visit to the toilet. The rinsing bottle has been specially developed to rinse the perineum (area between the vagina and anus) without pain with 13 soft and targeted water jets. Check it out here: https://wondermom.nl/products/peri-douche-spoelfles

Perineum compress

There are also compresses for the perineum area to ease the pain. You can also use it hot and cold. Use the compress warmly to reduce the chance of a tear during childbirth. You can use the compresses cold when you suffer from irritations or swelling. The compress then provides cooling and soothes your sensitive perineum area, even if you suffer from hemorrhoids due to straining. Check out our Wondermom Peri pearl compress: https://wondermom.nl/products/perineum-parelkompress

Hot water bottle

After giving birth, your uterus shrinks again. You can still suffer from this during your maternity week. You can experience severe cramps. If this was not your first delivery, you may experience even worse after-effects. This is because your uterus has to do more and more work to get back to its normal shape. Usually your uterus has recovered after two months. To get through these days well, you can use a hot water bottle.

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